Our Mission

Our mission is to connect homeowners with reliable, professional, and affordable contractors and handymen for any home improvement project. We do this by providing a user-friendly platform that allows homeowners to browse, compare, and book local service providers in minutes. We also ensure quality and satisfaction by vetting and reviewing all service providers on our platform. We allow contractors to reducing waiste by selling their left over construction materials on the platform. We believe that every homeowner deserves to have a beautiful, comfortable, and functional home.

Who we are

Solvolist.com was launched in October 2023, as a KBERT LCC company by a team of graduate students from the University of Washington. They have been very active in the Seattle community in various activities.

What we do

Solvolist is a comprehensive services company specializing in homeowner projects, contractor sourcing, and home remodeling, also boasting a platform for listing rental properties, and for contractors to list left over construction materials.

We operate at the intersection of convenience and efficiency for both homeowners.

We function as a centralized hub where homeowners can outline their project requirements, whether it's a minor renovation or a complete home remodel. Through a well-structured system, Solvolist matches these projects with a network of vetted and qualified contractors, enabling competitive bidding and facilitating the selection process. We save time and money by finding the best contractors and handymen for their projects, based on their budget, preferences, and location.

We also help homeowners improve their property values by providing guidance and support throughout the remodeling process, from planning and design to execution and inspection.

Contact us to help fight homeless by modifying your garage to a studio to provide low cost rental in the city. “ Save a life, your car can withstand the weather”.

Simultaneously, Solvolist provides a user-friendly platform for property owners to list rental properties, attracting potential tenants. This integrated approach streamlines the home improvement and property rental experience, fostering a thriving ecosystem for homeowners and homeowners alike. We help homeowners generate additional income and reducing vacancy by listing their rental properties and attracting qualified tenants.