Our Mission

To provide a clean platform for individuals to sell their used or unwanted items locally, and for companies to recruit local talent by posting jobs online.

Who we are

Solvolist.com was launched in October 2017, as a KBERT LCC company by a team of graduate students from the University of Washington. They have been very active in the Seattle community in various activities.

What we do

Solvolist is a selling application for individuals. It also an application for companies to list jobs. We provide our services in the US. We allow individuals to list their job skills so they could be matched with company jobs that requires similar skills. We provide a FREE platform for sellers, buyers, job seekers and job providing companies to find each other. All postings are FREE. One can promote their postings for a small fee Record Video describing your items and Post. Add pictures as needed If you are a Job seeker, please list their job skills at signup in order to get Job alerts. You could also edit your skills under your profile. In order to match candidate to jobs, we require a description of the critical skills of the jobs requirements. All jobs have skills critical to the performance of the job. Those skills are described as used more than 60% of the time in the job. Additionals skills are listed as 30% of requirements, and non critical skills are 10% of the job. We will match jobs to candidates with 60% of skills required. If you are company and would like to post multiple jobs please Email us at "admin@solvolist.com" and a representative will be in contact with you promptly to help you post and promote your jobs to candidates with matching skills. Anyone can post their used or new items for sale on the solvolist app. Interact with interested customers through our messaging platform. We do our part for the community: All our ads are screened for sexual contents, and we do not allow any ads with illicit contents. We collect payment using PAYPAL and STRIPE. We do not store customer credit card information.